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Skyblock Release 2/7 Hello Celestial Network!The Skyblock Realm will release on 2/7 @4pm ESTRevamp- New Features This Revamp gives the Skyblock Realm a whole bunch of new features from Island Upgrades to a new currency!IslandIslands are getting a new set of features. Starting off will be Island Missions that reset daily. Each Mission follows a ladder of challenges that continuously gets harder as you progress through them. Completing challenges earns you crystals. Crystals are a new currency being added and can be spent at /is shop for keys, spawners, armor and more! Crystals can also be spent on Island Upgrades or Island Boosters. Island Upgrades are upgrades that can increase Island size, player count, warp points and your generator. Boosters can be purchased to increase spawner rate, enable fly, increase xp earnings or increase crop growth. Each booster lasts for an hour and price varies per booster. Any money earned from completing missions is sent directly to your /is bank. MinesA new feature that has been added are mines. There are 2 mines, one located at spawn and another located in the PvP Arena. The spawn mine contains Stone, Coal, Iron and Gold Ore. The pvp mine contains diamonds and emeralds but pvp is enabled there and you drop all your items so watch your back! CratesCrates have had a revamp and chances are now fully accurate. No longer will you be playing "Key Simulator", as some of you liked to call it. Crates will also most likely drop money- this is also to lower the need for crate keys. On top of a crate revamp, 1 new crate has been added. The Crystal Crate contains 5 tiers of Crystal Rewards. bab Crate has also been buffed and now gives 2 rewards for 1 key. All keys (minus vote key) are purchasable off /buy. You can also purchase a Care Package or Charity and give all online players 1x Mythical or Legendary.NOTE: bab Crates are not available for purchase through /is shop due to a known bug regarding Crystal amount.OtherEconomy has been revamped to accommodate new types of spawners including Wither Skeleton Spawners. 3 types of spawners drop custom drops. Snowmen drop diamonds, Villagers drop emeralds and Wither Skeletons drop sponges. Each of these can be sold or use to upgrade your Island Value. Key Kits have been removed until further notice. A content update later into the season will bring back key kits and add new ones which will be available for purchase off /buy.Make sure you are up to date on the rules and we can't wait to see you on the Skyblock Realm! Please note that Survival will also be releasing at the same time. An announcement will be made to fully summarize what you can expect from it. See you on Skyblock!- Celestial Network Management -
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Wow, very detailed responses, learned a lot about you +1
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nicedenied- if you actually want to re apply, please reference the Example Application
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| Information   First Name: Max   Age: 16   What Country are you from?: Australia   What Timezone are you currently in?: The Australian one   What languages do you speak?: I speak Australian m8   What is your Discord username? (example: Siyrenz#9999): Maxx#2827   Current Minecraft Username: LeBronMax   Previous Minecraft Usernames: LeBronMax   How long have you been playing on PPCraft?: Can't remember, probably a month   What game modes are you the most active on?: 95% Prison, sometimes skyblock to check things outs and claim keys.   | Staffing Ability   Do you have the ability to record evidence? (Video and/or Chat Screenshots): I should be alright with that   Why do you want to be staff?: Pretty much because someone was like yeah once the server gets more players there gonna need more staff on my timezone so I was like yeah alright help everyone out, why not.   How can you help improve PPCraft?: Where can I start. I bring a lot of character and flavour to the server, I love to listen to everyones conversations, see whats cracking. Since its bare bones when I'm usually on I think my presence would benefit the server if anyone was to hop on during my time and ask a couple questions, I'm always happy to lend a helping hand.   What would you change about PPCraft?: With this new revamp coming up... holy s**t things are going to be big and hopefully I won't need to suggest anything new, but possibly help out with any bugs that may need to be fixed and communicate them promptly to the correct team.   Why should we pick you over other applicants?: I'm an experienced PPCraft player, I know the server very well and believe I have made a lot of strong connections with multiple players, hence why I should be chosen over other candidates.   | Staffing Experience   Are you currently staff on another server?: No because I dedicate all my time to this wonderful server   Do you understand that staffing comes with pressure and how well can you deal with it? Pressure? Never heard of it, I always like to keep a cool head in any situation, especially when calming each side of the party down as it is crucial in diminishing an argument or any conflict.   Do you have any Staffing Experience on a Minecraft Server?: Not entirely, sometimes on this server I like to act like a helper and assist if there are no current staff online but other than that no extensive staff experience.   In your opinion, what qualities do you think a good staff member should have?: Being able to understand each and every player and creating a cohesive relationship with all players. Able to keep a cool head under any 'pressure' situations and most importantly making sure all players are enjoying themselves whilst playing.   | Other Information   How much time can you dedicate to your staff duties?: Anywhere from 2-6 hours a day
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