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| InformationFirst Name: LandonAge: 14 (15 in 3 days)What Country are you from?: United StatesWhat Timezone are you currently in?: CSTWhat languages do you speak?: EnglishWhat is your Discord username? (example: Siyrenz#9999):Skrill#6969 Current Minecraft Username: SkrillexdudesPrevious Minecraft Usernames:wqafHow long have you been playing on Celestial Network?:10/20/2020What game modes are you the most active on?:Prison but i can pop onto Skyblock too from time to time.| Staffing AbilityDo you have the ability to record evidence? (Video and/or Chat Screenshots): I can screenshot chats, etc. but i can’t screenshare.Why do you want to be staff?:I would like to be staff because I genuinely love this server. When i got blacklisted it kinda broke my heart (although it was definitely justified.) my point is, is I want to do anything I can to be apart of the staff team again, and I have changed since my last time on the team and I can be professional. How can you help improve Celestial Network?:I can improve the server because I feel like I know the community well, I have helped in the past with other incidents not to be named and I want the best outcome possible. What would you change about Celestial Network?: If I had the ability to change anything it would be the inactive staff, or the toxicity between some players. I’d like a peaceful community without fights or toxicity while maintaining the balance of humor and seriousness.Why should we pick you over other applicants?: As said before, I know the community well and I was one of the first staff so I know what Blood expects from his staff members and players, above everything else I am far less childish than I was a few months ago.| Staffing ExperienceAre you currently staff on another server?: No, I only play here and sometimes on Arkham (mostly to play with friends)Do you understand that staffing comes with pressure and how well can you deal with it?Yes, I do understand the pressure that comes with being a staff member and I handle any pressure well. Do you have any Staffing Experience on a Minecraft Server?: Yes, I was staff on a previous BloodBaron owned server “ppcraft” as a Staff Manager, Manager, and Mod. In your opinion, what qualities do you think a good staff member should have?:A good staff member has to be well mannered, they have good communication skills, knows how to shut a bad situation down, and they are friendly.| Other InformationHow much time can you dedicate to your staff duties?: Well atleast 5-7 hours on weekends and 4-5 on weekdays (School)
about 1 month ago